Instructive Palette

This is the first time I make a text editor, and it is a hyperlink format-as-you-type editor. I knew it will be complicated, so I planned to make it simple, keeping just  two formatting options. But even then, it was much more complicated than I can imagine. The creation of Undo Redo commands is tedious. Putting a WinForms user control on an AutoCAD's PaletteSet is not as easy as testing it on a Form. The AutoCAD PaletteSet reacts with keyboard shortcuts differently. AutoCAD also does something with the clipboard that make my serializable data can't be deserializable.

All of that took me a week to write alternative code. And today, I am so happy it is done, within the month of April. With this 7cad Palette, it is possible to do many other thing on top of it.


So, after 2 months of work on the side, now, I can look at the Notepad++ app, Excel app, web browser app with much more respect to the developer craftmanship. (They are C++ apps anyway, mine is C#).

While waiting more tests and reviews and approving from the Autodesk App Store, you can try the app here by download this bundle:

Unzip, copy the bundle to the Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins folder, then you can have the app loaded. Find help.html file in the bundle for more information:

"The 7cad Palette is an editor for you to write instructive document for AutoCAD. You can save the content to a file with ".lpa" extension, called LPalette document".

"7cad Instructive Palette provides many handy tools to edit the LPalette document. Right click to the palette, or click Edit Menu button for the Edit Menu to show up. Then, you can see tool to insert new cell, tool to split an existing cell in to two, tools to move cell up and down, etc. Optionally, a cell can also have a tickbox, or can be decorated with an icon."

Finally, it is a free app. I hope it can help me reach out to new clients for my 7cad programming service.