7cad 3D Unfold as a Web App

The Autodesk App Store review process is quite slow since the COVID 19 outbreak. Only after nearly 3 months in review with no particular change , my 3D Unfold app is published.

The good thing is this month, it is display in front page, feature apps section. It will be there for about 1 month then taken down, so it is likely you won't see it there if you come late.

Therefore, I link the screen shot to its static product page. Click the image below and you can get to more information about the app.

I think most people won't use this app often, especially in AutoCAD. So I made a web app for it, unfold your 3D model drawing over Autodesk Forge.

The web app is written in Javascript and PHP, and at Autodesk Forge server side, it is the 7cad 3D Unfold app itself, written in C# .NET.

I am quite new to JavaScript, but this experience makes me thing otherwise. Javascript is really friendly, as familiar as C#. So hope in the future, I will make more web apps like this. I think many companies have plugins generate drawings from some input forms. With Autodesk Forge technology, most of them can be brought to the web and all your colleagues, clients can access and get the drawings.

Like the following WoodBlock Web App I made for WoodBlocX: