7cad 3D Handrail

With this app, you can have a BOM table for your handrail, with detail dimensions of handrail pipe and bent pipe fitting.

See sample files generated by the app here: Sample 1.pdf , Sample 2.pdf

General parameters

Full Model
Bottom Flight Sit On A Slab

Bottom Flight Sit On A Landing

Important Notice

The app is for modeling precisely the handrail.

It is assumed that the handrail run at the right side of the stairs.

Flights and landings are considered supported elements for the handrail. Their models are for demonstration purpose only. Their detail dimensions and shapes that don't affect the handrail modeling, are not specified by the app.

Define the Handrail Paths: Flights dimensions (Up to 7 flights)

Flight and Landing

Hanrail extensions at bottom and top landings

Landing Extension